Mindset Mastery Bootcamp Live August 2015

(This training is protected and only is available to Athens MMB live August 2015 members)

Here is a roster of members for the MMB Live August program:
Alicia Segars
Mama's Boy and Goodie Two Shoes
(706) 202-7018
Chad Brown
The Tax Shelter
(706) 296-0619
Chris Harris
College Moving Company
(678) 361-2311
Cooper Hudson
Mama's Boy and Goodie Two Shoes
(706) 202-5103
Shane Dekle
State Farm
(706) 543-8400
Tiffany Christopher
The Oaks of Athens
(678) 300-8313

Session 1: April 6, 2015

  • Josh's Business Vision for 2015
    Josh's Business Vision for 2015

    This is Josh's business vision for 2014, to give you some ideas and inspiration about the specifics of writing yours.

    It has since evolved slightly. Please handle with care. 🙂


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